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about me

I'm an argentinian photographer and cinematographer based in Berlin, Germany.

From a young age I discovered my passion for telling visual stories through still and moving images. I love photographing people and places, to capture special moments and to promote projects through my photos.
My first experience as a photographer was at children's birthdays, which gave me the opportunity to work with kids' spontaneity. From that moment on, finding the right moment at the right time became the essence of my photography. With my photos, I enjoy seizing moments with a documentary look, making the unrepeatable timeless. It gives me the opportunity to observe the world around me and capture emotions and the situation's atmosphere.

As a cinematographer, I love to create a new world that is only visible through a lens. I am passionate about the narrative power of moving images. In my film projects, I focus on camera work and lighting design. I have worked on various projects for film, television and documentaries. Being always at the forefront of new projects and receiving new influences keeps my own creativity constantly flowing.

I studied cinematography in Buenos Aires University of Cinema and I’ve been working as a freelance filmmaker and photographer for the last 10 years. In 2015, I moved to Germany with a DAAD artists scholarship to do a M.A. in Media Studies in Braunschweig.

Now, I live in Berlin. I work nationally and internationally on commercial shoots, events and projects while also dedicating myself to my film and art projects.

My prime goal: to deliver creative and high-quality photos and videos that reliably adapt to my clients needs, from the important moments in life, to PR purposes, internal and external communication and promotional use.

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You like my work and want to get in touch with me? Send me an email to

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